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Cyprus remains one of the safest countries to visit, work and live despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Cyprus established itself as a consistent international and regional business centre and is also praised for the efficient reaction and handling of the pandemic which should reassure visitors, investors and residents making plans to visit the island for business or other purposes. Most essential services have been fully operational throughout the crisis and most travel restrictions are has been lifted on the 21st of May with the airports and ports opened in June.

Cyprus is one of the top countries that competently reacted to the pandemic outbreak in terms of emergency treatment readiness, monitoring and detection, and government management efficiency. Most importantly, Cyprus is amongst the top five safest countries to visit, scoring 88.6 in acclaimed French travel insurance comparator Insurly’s ‘2020 Ranking of the World’s Safest Countries’. Amongst other data, the safety index score reflects natural disasters, healthcare efficiency, transport risks and violence incidents.

The level of risk is mainly assessed through transport safety, stability, healthcare efficiency and violent incidents occurrence; this year, however, a country’s safety is also associated with the efficiency and speed with which governments responded to the coronavirus crisis.


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