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Always dreaming to live in Europe and own European passport? Or maybe become an owner of the European Property or a Hotel with good ROI? (return on investment). Now! it became possible with “Joint venture investment program” and we can help you to achieve both: European passport and to find suitable Property Project. “EU passport through joint venture investment program” starts as little as €2.5 million euro and brings following benefits to you and your family: 1. European citizenship within 6-12 months for you and your family 2. Invest at least €500.000 into a Residential property for your own use 3. Invest minimum of €2 million into Hotel shares 4. Receive dividend on Profit from the Hotel operation every year for 5 years 5. Sell your investment shares only after 5 years 6. Lowest income tax in Europe 7. Enjoy benefits of the European lifestyle 8. Playing Casino is permitted by Law 9. Safest country in the World 10. The lowest Covid-19 rates in Europe Ø Interesting? For more information Contact us today on info@LuxuryHotelsMagazines.com on WhatsApp (+357) 99799399 or For more comprehensive list of our services please visit our website  https://www.luxuryhotelsmagazines.com/eu-passport-investment

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