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Splendid views over Stockholm archipelago Choose room category

All of our rooms have a view of Stockholm archipelago. This room is a basic room decorated in Japanese style. There is a bathroom with a shower. If you choose a double room you have the option of a double bed or a room with two single beds. Some of the rooms have low beds like in Japan. These are the rooms that are included in most of our packages and offers but of course with an additional cost you can select another type of room. The current prices and special offers can be found under Packages in the main menu. Bring your friends or family and live like they do in Japan. The floors have tatami mats and just like in Japan you take off your shoes when entering the room. This room is spacious with futon beds for you to sleep on. In the bathroom there are three ablution areas and a spacious built-in bathtub. The perfect room if you want to experience the Japanese ablution in privacy. Up to 5 people. The room has a balcony. The current prices and special offers can be found under Packages in the main menu.

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